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PrizesMulticore: Making Multicore Work for You

Multicore processors are forcing a rethink of hardware design as well as programming practices. Do you want multiple identical CPU cores or a mix of difference CPU cores for each task? What's the best way to harness all this horsepower? And do multicore chips really reduce power consumption or are they just performance overkill? Whatever the answers, multicore isn't going away. It's a design reality. Whether you're an engineer, a manager, or a programmer, a few intensive hours spent here will pay off now and down the road.

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The Multicore Virtual Conference program has a broad appeal of topics, sure to be of interest to high-performance system designers, software developers, programmers and, future hesitant and curious multicore developers.

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EE Times Virtual Conferences are fully interactive events that incorporate online learning, live chat, active movement in and out of exhibit booths and sessions, vendor presentations, contests and more. Because the conference is virtual you can experience it from the comfort of you own desk. So you can get right to the industry information and solutions you seek.

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