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ESC Silicon Valley: the Industry's Leading Embedded Systems Event Expands Globally

Now, for the first time, embedded designer engineers, academics, students and anyone interested in the dynamic world of embedded systems design can login and virtually experience some of the most exciting presentations taking place at ESC Silicon Valley!

This complimentary virtual event will not only bring you the highlights from the face-to-face conference, but it will also give you ready access to presenters via live Q&A. In addition, you will be able to download valuable assets you can't get elsewhere -- including presentation decks, white papers and more.

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Apple Co-Founder Fireside Chat Video

Best of ESC Presentationss

  • Speed Training: Android in an Hour
  • Agile Software Development Techniques for Embedded Systems
  • Modern Network Security Protocol for Embedded Systems
  • Developers Insight into Cortex M4

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photo of Steve WozniakFireside Chat:

A video re-broadcast of the live interview

Presentation by: Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder Apple Computer, Inc., currently Chief Scientist, Fusion-io

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Keynote Presentation
A video re-broadcast of the live Fireside Chat

Brian Fuller of EE Life interviews Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder Apple Computer, Inc., currently Chief Scientist, Fusion-io

Time:  10:45am - 11:45am PDT

A video re-broadcast of the live fireside chat captured from ESC Silicon Valley this month. EE Life's Brian Fuller chats with Steve Wozniak and gets his uncensored responses the to the questions that are on every technology enthusiast's and entrepreneur's mind.

  • What are your thoughts on nurturing more creative, entrepreneurial people?
  • How would you build an education system to nurture innovators?
  • How do managers foster creative, entrepreneurial people so these individuals can achieve their potentials?
  • When you look at the emerging technologies available to embedded-systems designers today—new code- development techniques, ubiquitous connectivity, massive processing power, bioelectronics—in which areas do you think that genuine creativity can produce discontinuities: the most important changes in people's lives?

Following the editorial interview, Steve Wozniak will take audience questions from attendees at ESC Silicon Valley.

Speed Training: Android in an Hour

William Gatliff

Time:  8:45am - 9:45am PDT

Is Android right for you? Skip the hype and attend this fast-paced Android introduction, given by a distinguished ESC instructor with real-world Android and embedded deployment experience.

Agile Software Development Techniques for Embedded Systems

Speaker: Robert Oshana

Time:  9:45am - 10:45am PDT

Embedded software developers deal with many of the same problems as the non-embedded software developer. But there are other difficulties with embedded software including important time contraints, limited resources, late in the cycle integration with hardware to name a few. Agile development techniques can be used effectively on embedded software. The keys concepts of agile can be applied; Deliver customer valued and tested software early and continuously, measure progress by passing customer approved, acceptance tests executed during demos, and have the customer participates in the planning effort to name a few. I course we will focus on key agile techniques for embedded software including user stories, test driven development, iterative deliveries and the agile software lifecycle.

Modern Network Security Protocols for Embedded Systems

Speaker: David Kleidermacher

Time:  12:00pm - 1:00pm PDT

Most modern embedded systems have cryptographic security requirements, driven by embedded IP protection, secure remote management, DRM, financial transactions for Internet-connected devices, and more. This class will provide an overview of the latest and most important cryptographic algorithms and protocols, the implications of their use in constrained embedded systems, and loads of other useful advice regarding performance, power consumption, footprint, and key management.

Mars Ate My Spacecraft

Speaker: Jack Ganssle

Time:  1:00pm - 2:00pm PDT

Civil engineers have learned how to avoid failure from their rich history of bridge collapses, tunnel floodings, and building disintegrations. The firmware world is quite different; it seems we all make the same mistakes, repeatedly. Yet most problems have similar root causes. In this class we'll examine a number of embedded disasters, large and small, and extract lessons we must learn to improve our code.

Developers Insight Into Cortex M4

Speaker: Mark Kraeling

Time:  2:00pm - 3:00 pm PDT

With the first quarter 2011 release of the first microcontrollers that include the ARM Cortex M4, many embedded designs can take advantage of a core that includes traditional microcontroller and DSP functionality sets. The paper will cover the new M4 features, actual experience in design of this processor from a users standpoint, and important architectual and design decisions that could be made to take advantage of this new processor core. The paper will also highlight specific changes between M3 and M4, for those developers that are considering migrating to the new core.