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February 25, 2013

Tech Focus: Codec design for nextgen Internet Video

Who'll win the consumer video codec battles?

Using the H.264 specification for anywhere, anytime placeshifted video

How to map the H.264/AVC video standard onto an FPGA fabric

Implementing H.264 video compression algorithms on a software configurable processor


Who'll win the consumer video codec battles?

At CES 2013 many Internet Video designs debuted, most with the current H.264 coder standard and some using the H.265 (HEVC) enhancement. Where's Google's WebM and other open source codecs?

Could H.265 HEVC remake Internet video?

If the many patent holders around the next big video codec don't get too greedy there could be some breakthrough Internet video products in the next few years.

Achieving Optimized DSP Encoding for Video Applications

TI's Ajit Rao reviews the factors that must be considered in optimizing your DSP for use in a range of embedded video applications.

Optimizing Video Encoding using Threads and Parallelism

Optimizing an H.264 video encoder using threads and parallelism with a programming model based on OpenMP and a few pragmas in the serial code. First in a series.


Using the H.264 specification for anywhere, anytime placeshifted video

With recent scalability enhancements, the H.264 video codec algorithm remains the primary approach for placeshifting video.

Implementing H.264 video compression algorithms on a software configurable processor

How to augment the main CPU with hardware acceleration units called intrinsic instructions designed to support block-based and pixel-level processing tasks.

How to map the H.264/AVC video standard onto an FPGA fabric

A brief tutorial on the code efficiency enhancements to the H.264/AVC standard, the technical challenges they presents and how to map the spec onto an FPGA fabric.

Implementing the right audio/video transcoding scheme in consumer SoC devices

The factors TI engineers took into account to accommodate the many encoding formats in a home entertainment network when designing the DaVinci family of SoC processors.


Beamr brings high quality to low bit rate H.264

Israel-based firm's new H.264 video delivery technology achieves unprecedented 75 Percent bitrate reduction, beating even the new H.265 spec.

Allegro has hardware IP for H.265 video spec

The French firm claims it has the first hardware decoder IP implementation the high efficiency video encoder (HEVC) specification (aka H.265).

Broadcom uses H.265 for UltraHD TV home gateway chip

Company uses just released H.265 High Efficiency video coder standard in its 21,000 DMIPS chip for big screen home and Internet TV.

Bi-directional MPEG-2 coders integrate memory and H.264

With 1Gbit of FCRAM, the transcoders consume no more than 1.2 watts when running the H.264 algorithm.

600nA Rail-to-Rail Op Amps
Touchstone's low-power, TS1001/2/4 single,
dual and quad rail-to-rail op amps use only
600nA/channel or half the power of any other
op amp. They operate from supply voltages as
low as 0.8V. Pricing starts at $0.75/1K.
Free samples and demo boards.
Learn more...


Lattice features 3D video converter at CES 2013

Based on the LatticeECP3 FPGA-based real-time 3D video converter, 3D Media's RealityBox allows any 2D as well as stereoscopic 3D video stream to be converted and shown on glasses-free 3D displays in real-time.

Tensilica unveils IVP imaging/video DSP IP core

Company is competing with fellow Embedded Vision Alliance members such as Ceva for advanced UI opportunities in mobile handsets, DTV, and automotive.

Marvell targets wireless LAN video delivery

Marvell's new 802.11ac 4x4 Wi-Fi SoC targets enterprise and retail WLAN access points for delivery of video.

Cavium cuts costs of video processors

The PureVu CNW66xx family of SoC video processors from Cavium Networks are designed to address the growing market demand for universal wireless display receivers.

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Video codecs: Patent, Patent. Who's got the patent?

The latest on H.264/H.265 coders

VIDEOS on the H.265 HEVC standard

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