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February 19, 2013

Tech Focus: Using Ada in embedded design

Is Ada ready for mainstream embedded designs?

Reducing the gap between design and code for critical software with Ada 2012

Ada 2012: say what you mean, mean what you say

Ada 2012 redux


Is Ada ready for mainstream embedded designs?

With its built-in features for generating dependable code, is it time for Ada to move to the center of software development as embedded devices become more pervasive in our lives?.

Ada 2012: say what you mean, mean what you say

One of the key capabilities in the new Ada 2012 standard is the contract-based programming model. Here's why.

Ada gets a makeover

The latest version, Ada 2012, includes some important improvements.

Ada 2012 redux

My Ada article generated lots of discussion. Here are some answers to your questions.


Reducing the gap between design and code for critical software with Ada 2012

How to use Ada 2012 to reduce the gap between the high-level requirements and the coded program through a set of portable high-level design time features.

Expressive vs. permissive languages: Is that the question?

The ease with which code is analyzable depends on the language type you use.

Trimming cost and size: The software side of the story

A new approach that couples a reliable language with customizable and specialized run-time libraries can reduce both cost and footprint size for embedded systems.

ParaSail: Less is more with multicore

Adacore's S. Tucker Taft surveys the impediments developers face in doing effective multicore programming, discusses the problems they create, and illustrates how parallel programming in ParaSail is simplified by doing without them.


Atego ships major new version of Aonix ObjectAda for Windows

Aonix ObjectAda 9.0 for Windows is a major new release with support for many of the new language features in Ada 2005.

AdaCore releases new CodePeer static analysis tool

AdaCore's new version of its CodePeer Static Analysis Tool include full support for upcoming Ada 2012 language standard

AdaCore and Altran Praxis release SPARK Pro 11

The new version of of the SPARK Pro 11 features increased verification efficiency for high-assurance systems based on the Ada language.

GNAT Pro brings end to data endianness portability

Adacore's Gnat Pro Ada compiler automatically handles conversions, simplifies Ada development and maintenance

6First 1µA Bidirectional CSAs
Touchstone's new 1µA TS1101 low-power
bidirectional, symmetrical current-sense
amplifiers reduce power by 30X over the
competition and eliminate the "dead band" of
other CSAs.
See the new video about using the TS1101 to track
Learn more...


ISO approves Ada 2012 language standard

ISO approves Ada 2012 standard, which includes Design by Contract and other enhancements.

SmartSide adopts Ada for its Smart Devices Platform

European smart grid services company uses Ada in combination with GNAT Pro to improve the reliability of its data management system.

Terma A/S tools up it space monitor project with Ada

To ensure reliability of Terma's Atmosphere-Space Interaction Monitor on the International Space Station, it turned to Ada tools to guarantee the safety-criticality of its design.

Rockwell uses Ada traceability analysis for DO-178B Certification

Rockwell Collins has achieved DO-178B certification on its Integrated Display System (IDS) for a large, next-generation, commercial aircraft.

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