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February 11, 2013

Tech Focus: Making networks more deterministic

Deterministic networking: from niches to the mainstream?

IEEE-1394 and AS5643 bring deterministic networking to high reliability Mil-Aero designs

Understanding IEEE's deterministic AV bridging standards

An introduction to Synchronized Ethernet


Deterministic networking: from niches to the mainstream?

The TCP/IP-based network environment is becoming more deterministic in nature, driven not only by the response times of humans, but by those of multitudes of connected devices.

Who doesn't need Ethernet timestamps?

Three ways to implement a real time deterministic Ethernet design using IEEE 1588 time stamping and some of the applications which use each method.

An introduction to Synchronized Ethernet

The basics of a new Synchronous Ethernet protocol, what's needed to implement it in deterministic real-time networked apps and to deal with board design challenges presented.

Basics of real-time measurement, control, and communication using IEEE 1588

John Eidson reviews the state of the art in bringing deterministic operation to the Ethernet before the IEEE's 1588 network synchronization protocol. The first in a series.


IEEE-1394 and AS5643 bring deterministic networking to high reliability Mil-Aero designs

How to use the IEEE-1394b-2002 (Firewire) serial interconnect specification (aka SAE standard AS5643) as a deterministic network architecture for real-time control bus apps.

Understanding IEEE's deterministic AV bridging standards

How the IEEE 802.1 Audio/Video Bridging enhancement to the Ethernet standard delivers time- synchronized, low-latency audio and video while retaining 100% compatibility with that legacy spec.

Using IEEE-1588 transparent clocks to improve system time synchronization accuracy

When deploying IEEE-1588 for system time synchronization in a network design, it is necessary to consider the timing accuracy you require, and how well the slave you want to use performs.

Using IEEE 1588 for synchronization of network-connected devices

A brief tutorial on the IEEE 1588 Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol and its use in wired/wireless network apps including CDMA, GSM, and femtocells.


STMicroelectronics introduces universal lighting controller

STMicroelectronics has launched a programmable digital controller specifically optimized for lighting and power-supply applications.

Chelsio brings 40 Gbit/second speeds to Ethernet NICs

Company's initial 40 Gbit/second Ethernet controller is the two-port Terminator 5 supports either four 10G or two 40G ports.

New SAM4E MCUs provide Ethernet and Dual-CAN connectivity

Atmel Corporation has expanded its ARM Cortex-M4 based Flash family to include the SAM4E series.

D-Link 10-Gbit Ethernet L2/L3 aggregators are low latency

D-Link DXS-3600 10 gigabit/second Ethernet aggregation switches deliver high performance, reliability and energy

6First 1μA Bidirectional CSAs
Touchstone's new 1μA TS1101 low-power
bidirectional, symmetrical current-sense
amplifiers reduce power by 30X over the
competition and eliminate the "dead band" of
other CSAs.
See the new video about using the TS1101 to track
Learn more...


Broadcom debuts IPv6 network processor

Designated the NLA12000, the new series of processors are sampling now with production volumes slated for the first half of 2013.

Cisco puts a bet on OpenFlow with 40G network switch

Cisco Systems' 40G switch is built around two 40nm ASICs and a software controller supporting the OpenFlow protocol for software-defined networks.

Vendor-neutral SDN spec pushed by Broadcom

Broadcom is leading the effort in forming a group to develop an vendor-neutral interface for software-defined networks, aiming to embrace both the new OpenFlow approach and legacy distributed nets.

Infinera demos SDN switch on ESnet test bed

Working with the U.S. Department of Energy Energy Science Network Infinera proved out its SDN Open Transport Switch on the Long Island control test bed.

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