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February 4, 2013

Tech Focus: Designing embedded vision apps with OpenCV

Making mobile & embedded designs more visionary

Developing OpenCV computer vision apps for the Android platform

Introduction to embedded vision and the OpenCV library

Vision: the next-gen must-have UI?


Making mobile & embedded designs more visionary

OpenCV is the tool/algorithm library of choice for developers for creating embedded and mobile computing designs that "see" and understand us, rather than we learning to use them.

Vision-based 3-D gesture control breaks out

Is this the year vision-based 3-D gesture recognition proves it's not just child's play

Vision: the next-gen must-have UI?

The battle lines are being drawn for the next-generation user interface – beyond touch.

My vision for embedded vision

Jeff Bier, founder of the Embedded Vision Alliance, shares his vision of embedded consumer & mobile devices designed to "see" us, recognize our touch or voice & respond.


Developing OpenCV computer vision apps for the Android platform

An introduction to OpenCVAndroid, a set of open source tools for building embedded vision applications for the Android platform.

Designing visionary mobile apps using Tegra Android Development Pack

Use the NVIDIA's Tegra Android Development Pack to develop embedded vision applications based on the open source OpenCV tool suite.

Introduction to embedded vision and the OpenCV library

BDTI's Eric Gregori explores the opportunities for embedded vision and how to use the open source OpenCV function library to speed creation of embedded vision software.

Expanding resources streamline the creation of "Machines that See"

This article explores the role of the Embedded Vision Alliance in helping engineers incorporate vision capabilities into their designs.


TI launches fully integrated SoCs for polyphase smart meters

Texas Instruments Incorporated announced 60 new fully integrated metering SoCs to be demonstrated at DistribuTECH 2013.

CEVA computer vision software library for CEVA-MM3101

CEVA-CV from CEVA Inc. is a new computer vision (CV) software library for the development of vision-enabled applications.

3D development tool aids embedded vision

National Instruments has added 3D vision capabilities in LabVIEW to make machine vision applications more accurate.

Image chip lowers the cost of auto real-time vision systems

Auto vision systems can alert you when you veer out of your lane, or even help you parallel park. Thus far, however, the systems' high cost has relegated them largely to luxury vehicles.

F223: PCI Express Mini Card carrier board
MEN Micro's F223, a robust PCI Express Mini Card carrier board, features two PCIe Mini Card slots
standard with USB and PCI Express connections, and two SIM card slots.  The new 3U
CompactPCI board can be used in virtually all wireless applications from GPS, WLAN and UMTS to
GSM and HSDPA, and is expandable to 18 SIM slots.


Ceva signs for vision-based gesture-recognition

Ceva Inc. is working with EyeSight to develop vision based touch-free technologies for use in consumer electronics.

AMD/EyeSight target Windows 8 apps with gesture recognition

Upcoming AMD APUs Feature Built-in Gesture Control Powered by eyeSight

Microchip breaks into gesture recognition

Microchip is beginning roll out of a low cost family of devices using gesture technology.

Submitting content to Embedded.com

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TechOnline Library

Tech Papers

OpenCV on TI's DSP+ARM platforms: Mitigating the challenges of porting OpenCV to embedded platforms

Putting The Screws to a Challenging Vision Application

Machine Vision Tackles Tight Tolerances to Provide 100% Inspection of Interconnect Pins

Vision Guided Robotics

Webinars & Courses

Making computer vision a mobile reality

Synopsys Vision Processor Starter Kit: Implementing Embedded Vision Applications Optimized for Power, Performance and Programmability

A demonstration of gesture-controlled media player from MWC

HDMI: Enabling 3D Revolution


Around the Network Events

Go to the source at OpenCV.org

Introduction to programming with OpenCV

OpenCV computer vision application programming cookbook

Conferences and Events

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