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January 14, 2013

Tech Focus: Embedded opportunities & challenges in consumer electronics

Embedded technology: Consumer electronics secret weapon

Bringing the three flavors of ZigBee together in the smart home

Expanding resources streamline the creation of "Machines that See"

Stars of DesignCon: Inside-out test verifies low-power SoCs

DesignCon 2013: Signal integrity in serial interconnect designs


Embedded technology: Consumer electronics secret weapon

If you attended the 2013 CES last week or followed it closely on the web, TV or radio, here is a question that should be easy for you to answer.

Comparing the effectiveness of sensors in mobile OSes

Managing and interpreting sensor data in mobile devices allows app to accomplish similar goals, but the capabilities of the three platforms differ in details, representing ongoing challenges.

The challenges of multi-touch gesture interfaces

The key to understanding multi-touch touch panels is to realize that a touch is not the same thing as a mouse click.

Simplify embedded Wi-Fi connectivity with Near-Field Communications

How to design a simplified alternative radio connection (in this case Wi-Fi) handover process, using NFC, enhancing usability of existing Wi-Fi and leads to new wireless apps.


Bringing the three flavors of ZigBee together in the smart home

A new paradigm for total home control is emerging based on reliable low-power wireless technologies like ZigBee and the Internet.

Expanding resources streamline the creation of "Machines that See"

This article explores the role of the Embedded Vision Alliance in helping engineers incorporate vision capabilities into their designs.

Gesture recognition--first step toward 3D UIs?

Gesture recognition is the first step to fully 3D interaction with computing devices. Here are the challenges and techniques to overcome them.

Making a wireless MIMO equalizer more efficient

Freescale demonstrates how its Qonverge B4860 SoC with StarCore SC3900 DSP cores was used to implement a 4x4 LTE MIMO equalizer.


CES: CEVA and iOnRoad partner to deliver driving assistance technology

CEVA, Inc. has integrated iOnRoad's software for use with the CEVA-MM3101 platform.

CES: Nordic launches nRFready Desktop 2 reference design

Nordic launches nRFready Desktop 2 reference design at CES.

CES: BoosterPack for MSP430 and LaunchPad speeds Zigbee dev

A new ZigBee BoosterPack based on Texas Instruments Incorporated's CC2530 ZigBee SoC jumpstarts designs.

CES: sensors + smart LED drivers help TV exceed Energy Star 6.0

ams has launched a technology that enables a 42" flat panel TV to use less than 60 watts of power.

CES: GreenPeak adds ZigBee PRO to its Open Smart Home Framework

The GP690 ZigBee PRO from GreenPeak Teachnologies adds ZigBee PRO to the company's product portfolio.


Stars of DesignCon: Inside-out test verifies low-power SoCs

A new inside-out testing regime aids in verification of power management designs for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, as well as "big iron" even though its plugged into the wall.

CES: IBM, STMicro & Shaspa advance Smarter Home Initiative

The three companies at CES announced a collaboration to tap cloud and mobile computing

CES: SuperSpeed USB 3.0 speed boosted for consumer apps

USB 3.0 Promoter Group to Increase Data Through-put Performance of USB 3.0 to 10 Gbps

CES: Rambus unveils interactive multimedia platform

New platform features multi-screen viewing, heterogeneous device shifting, social interaction, e-commerce and access to metadata - all at the same time.

CES: Zonoff launches home automation technology platform

Zonoff Distributed Radio Architecture makes life easier for consumers and unlocks substantial new possibilities for consumer electronics OEMs

Submitting content to Embedded.com

To submit a how-to article to Embedded.com, contact Bernard Cole, site editor. For more info about submissions, go to Editorial contributions.

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Gesture recognition: Enabling natural interactions with electronics

The Next Motion Revolution in Home Entertainment

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Building on the promise of Wireless Sensor Networks

Unlocking the 3D Capabilities of Graphics Display Controllers

Webinars & Courses

Making computer vision a mobile reality

Integrated ZigBee Radio Implementation and Testing

Challenges in testing multistandard radio base stations

Webcast: Understanding the 3GPP Transmit Test Specification for LTE Base Stations


Around the Network Events

An efficient home energy management system using ZigBee

Green radio techniques for energy-efficient wireless base stations

A UPnP IPv4/IPv6 bridge for home networks

LTE: the evolution of mobile broadband

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