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January 7, 2013

Tech Focus: Building reliable high-speed interconnects

DesignCon offers free expo passes

High-speed serial links are here to stay

DesignCon 2013: Signal integrity in serial interconnect designs

Accelerating SERDES simulation with Simulink model libraries


DesignCon offers free expo passes

Explore the latest in chip and systems design at DesignCon 2013. Access to expo floor is free.

High-speed serial links are here to stay

Dealing with the demands of the high speed serial links common in many embedded system designs is an on-going challenge. Here are some tips and resources to guide you.

DesignCon 2013: Signal integrity in serial interconnect designs

Over the period of the four day conference one of the main design tracks is "Modeling High-Speed Interconnects for the Signal Integrity Engineer: Tips, Tricks and Trade-Offs."

Extending your reach with Serdes

This brief tutorial deals with how to use Serdes to deal with signal degradation issues relating to multigigabit backplane, trace and cable distortion.


Accelerating SERDES simulation with Simulink model libraries

In this Product How-To development article, the authors describe the top-down design of a SERDES model using MatLab's Simulink tool, and how it reduces design simulation times.

USB 3.0: What embedded software developers need to know

USB 3.0 offers higher speed options and delivers greater power to peripherals. But for these benefits software developers need to be aware that they come at the cost of compatibility.

Verifying serial buses and components in embedded designs

This article describes three application examples of how signals on peripheral chips can be correlated with serial bus data to verify system operation using a mixed signal oscilloscope.

Multiband architecture for high-speed SerDes

The authors explore a multiband architecture for a 25 Gbps SerDes, where the channel in each sub-band is approximately frequency flat, eliminating need of an equalizer in the receiver.


CES: GreenPeak adds ZigBee PRO to its Open Smart Home Framework

The GP690 ZigBee PRO from GreenPeak Teachnologies adds ZigBee PRO to the company's product portfolio.

Serial BERT handles 100G Ethernet, InfiniBand, SerDes, and Fibre Channel testing

The SSB32 3-32 Gb/s stressed serial BERT solution from Centellax is intended for serial data test requirements for 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GbE) standards as well as Fibre Channel, InfiniBand EDR/FDR and SerDes testing.

Chipset streamlines video and data interface for megapixel driver assist cameras

The DS90UB913Q and DS90UB914Q deserializers are the newest additions to Texas Instruments Incorporated's FPD-Link III automotive-grade chipset family.

New Tektronix oscilloscope series features 70MHz Models, full serial bus decode, advanced triggering

The MSO/DPO2000B Series of oscilloscopes from Tektronix, Inc., has all the debug advantages of full serial bus decoding and triggering and features bandwidths from 70 MHz to 200 MHz.

New 1μA, 1V Timer ICs
Touchstone's new TS3001/2 timers use only 1μA Icc–15X less than others. Set the frequency with just 1 resistor (TS3001) or a resistor and capacitor (TS3002). Featuring a low 0.044%/°C (TS3002) and ultra low 0.021%/°C (TS3001) frequency drift. Free samples.
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PLX & Kontron team on PCIe serial fabric breakthrough

PLX's ExpressLane PCIe 3.0 (Gen3) serial I/O switches used on Kontron's VX3042 and VX3044 Intel Core i7-based SBCs achieve 5.6 gigabytes per second (GB/s) throughput.

PCI-SIG and MIPI Alliance work to extend PCIe to mobile devices

The PCI-SIG and MIPI Alliance are working together to deliver an adaptation of the PCI Express (PCIe) architecture to operate over the MIPI M-PHY physical layer technology.

Himax brings USB 3.0 to camera sensors

Himax Imaging has adopted Cypress's EZ-USB FX3 Peripheral Controller for its USB 3.0 5M sensor evaluation board, to allow design of a wide variety of megapixel and HD camera applications

Kits ease USB 3.0 compliance tests

Agilent Technologies Inc. has released details of fixture kits for USB 3.0 connectors and cable-assembly compliance tests. The USB fixture kits are provided by Hosiden, a Japanese manufacturer, and are available through Hosiden's distributor, BitifEye Digital Test Solutions.


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Best practices in programming
Digital signal processing
Embedded vision
EMC and EMC compliance
Hardware description languages
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Object-oriented C
Packet processing
PID control
Virtual prototyping
Watchdog timers

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Signal Integrity Analysis Techniques for High Speed Serial Data Links

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DesignCon offers free expo passes

Enhanced triggering for verifying/debugging complex serial designs

Software considerations around RapidIO designs

DesignCon's 5 Toughest Tech Questions

The basics of SerDes for interfacing

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