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June 17, 2013

Tech Focus: Getting assertive about code quaility

Assert() and other useful C language macros

Asserting failure

Assertive debugging: correcting software as if we meant it

The relationship between software assertions and code quality


Assert() and other useful C language macros

Bernard Cole

Assertions and other C macros have been of tremendous use to developers in dealing with coding bugs. But why are they still debated especially within embedded designs, where they are of most benefit?

Asserting failure

Jack Ganssle

Debugging is hard. We need to seed our code with constructs that find bugs automatically.

Catching errors early with compile-time assertions

Dan Saks

Using compile-time assertions can weed out logic errors and portability problems before you ship your code.

Assertiveness Training for Programmers

Niall Murphy

Concerned about the number of programmers who don't use or know about assert(), Niall explains the macro and how to use it.

Assert Yourself

Niall Murphy

Niall continues to assert the usefulness of assertions, but this month, he shows you how to make your own.


A guide to systematic program debugging: Part 1

This two part series describes the essential concepts and tools needed for effective software debugging. Part 1: Defining the TRAFFIC rules for debugging.

Assertive debugging: correcting software as if we meant it

Assertive debugging is a new way to make embedded systems ensure their own health by having your code monitor itself.

Reduce C-language coding errors with X macros - Part 1

Andrew Lucas describes how to use X macros to take advantage of the C-language pre-processor to eliminate several classes of common bugs as well as improve developer productivity.

Learn a new trick with the offsetof() macro

Almost never used, the offsetof() macro can actually be a helpful addition to your bag of tricks. Here are a couple of places in embedded systems where the macro is indispensable--packing data structures and describing how EEPROM data are stored.

Doing C code unit testing on a shoestring: Part 1- The basics and the tools

In a three part article, Ark Khasin describes a new way to use the pre-processor in your standards-compliant C compiler for unit testing for safety specs such as IEC 61508. First up: unit testing requirements and what you will need.


LDRArules programming rule checker assures standards compliance

LDRArules is a programming rule checker that brings together a collection of rules from a broad spectrum of programming standards.

PRQA tools support MISRA C:2012

Programming Research static analysis tools now include support for MISRA C:2012 (MISRA C3), with an updated compliance module for QA·C Version 8.1.

GrammaTech launches static analysis tool for examining binaries

CodeSonar for Binaries from GrammaTech, Inc. is a static-analysis tool for analyzing binary libraries.

AdaCore releases new CodePeer static analysis tool

AdaCore's new version of its CodePeer Static Analysis Tool include full support for upcoming Ada 2012 language standard

Should you care about S-parameters?
You can find out everything about the electrical properties of an interconnect with s-parameters.
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Software exam gets low grade in first test

Only 12 people took the first exam given in the U.S. to license software engineers for work on safety-critical systems, and only six passed it.

LDRA releases CERT C Secure Coding programming checker

LDRA has released its (new TBsecure plug-in complete with the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI) CERT C secure coding standard.

GrammaTech transforms code analysis with visualization

GrammaTech's next-generation software architecture visualization system scales to millions of lines of code

Atollic IDE integrates code metrics, MISRA-C code analysis

TrueStudio IDE includes professional static source code analysis tools and the ability to check for compliance against the MISRA-C:2004 coding standard and code metrics features such as code complexity analysis.

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The relationship between software assertions and code quality

The usefulness of assertions for programming

Assertions: a personal perspective

Programming with assertions

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