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June 10, 2013

Tech Focus: Building the embedded PCIe infrastructure

The future of the PCIe interconnect bus

Using a PCIe over Cabling-based platform to create hybrid FPGA/virtual platform prototypes

Using clock generators/buffers to adapt your PCIe design to specific application needs

A high speed DMA transaction method for PCIe devices


The future of the PCIe interconnect bus

Bernard Cole

It's been 25 years since the Peripheral Component Interconnect was born. Now, as PCI Express, it dominates many computing segments where high performance interconnect is needed. But it is not without serious competitors.

Sub-microsecond interconnects: PCIe, RapidIO and other alternatives

Sam Fuller, RapidIO Trade Association

Just as important as raw bandwidths of the interconnect technologies such as PCIe, RapidIO and others are the inherent protocol capabilities, supported topologies and latency design targets.

Achieving independent spread spectrum clocking with clockless PCIe

Reginald Conley, PLX Technology

How to build a clockless PCI Express subsystem to implement a spread spectrum design that is not only robust, but offers performance, simplicity and cost advantages.

Embeddding shared I/O endpoints with PCI Express

Krishna Mallampati, PLX Technology

The use of PCIe-based shared I/O endpoints embedded in a variety of datacenter and network subsystems is expected to make a huge difference in their performance and flexibility.


Using a PCIe over Cabling-based platform to create hybrid FPGA/virtual platform prototypes

How to use a PCIe over Cabling bus architecture to create a new class of hybrid prototyping that makes use of a transaction-level interface to a FPGA/SystemC/TLM virtual platform.

Using clock generators/buffers to adapt your PCIe design to specific application needs

With the correct mix of PCIe clock generators and buffers, embedded systems developers can address the unique requirements of various applications.

Using PCIe & intelligent DMA to achieve blazing data rates in real-time recording instruments

How the use of PCIe, intelligent DMA and a real-time analog-to-digital front end as well as an efficient API messaging structure resulted in a data recorder capable of sustained data to disk rates of 2 GB/sec and higher.

Using PCI Express as a fabric for interconnect clustering

A number of interconnect technologies are vying to replace GbE, with the top contenders being 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE), InfiniBand (IB) and PCI Express (PCIe). The latter, with its advanced capabilities, makes a strong case for becoming the ideal backplane interconnect solution.


PCI Express board sports two optically isolated serial ports

Sealevel's 7203e PCI Express serial interface provides two optically isolated serial ports, each individually configurable for RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485.

PCI Express digitizer has 200 MS/s sampling rate

The PCIe-9842 is a PCI Express digitizer from Adlink Technology Inc. which provides a 200 MS/s sampling rate of 14 bits of data across one channel.

Tektronix introduces one-stop PCIe 3.0 testing and debug

Tektronix now offers designers a single destination for PCI Express 3.0 testing with its automated transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) compliance and debug testing solution for the PCI Express 3.0 standard.

Telit DE910-DUAL Mini PCIe includes EV-DO cellular modem with 3.1Mbps download speed

Telit Wireless Solutions has introduced the DE910-DUAL Mini PCIe for commercial and industrial computer markets.

World's Lowest Power, Lowest Offset Current Sense Amps
Touchstone Semiconductor's new TS1100 1μA Icc current-sense
amplifiers cut offset to 30μV, 3X+ tighter than any other
CSAs, including the MAX9634. Its small form factor (SOT23-5),
4 gain options and low supply current improves accuracy by
2X without increasing power. Free samples and demo boards
Learn more...


PCI-SIG, MIPI Alliance bringing PCIe to mobiles

New spec will allow the PCI Express (PCIe) architecture to operate over the MIPI M-PHY physical layer technology.

PLX & Kontron team on PCIe serial fabric breakthrough

PLX's ExpressLane PCIe 3.0 (Gen3) serial I/O switches used on Kontron's VX3042 and VX3044 Intel Core i7-based SBCs achieve 5.6 gigabytes per second (GB/s) throughput.

Advantech, Polycore team on PCIe tools-assisted multicore DSP

The two companies are collaborating on a set of hardware and software tools for speeding up multicore DSP designs

SEMI IP: Renesas PCIe 2.0 IP enables 5Gbps data transfers

Support for 65-nm process node allows easy connection between PCIe 2.0 MCUs, MPUs and SoC devices

Submitting content to Embedded.com

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Direct GPU/FPGA communication via PCI Express

A high speed DMA transaction method for PCIe devices

A PCIe Hot-Plug mechanism for a Linux ATCA control system

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