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April 1, 2013

Tech Focus: Riding the Linux/Android wave

DESIGN West: Hardcore open-source Android and Linux

Embedded Android? Call me, maybe

Linux Wins - Or Does It?

Multicore networking in Linux user space with no performance overhead


DESIGN West: Hardcore open-source Android and Linux

To learn as much about open source operating systems as you do about your RTOS and how to make the right choice in your designs, ESC DESIGN West offers four tracks of intensive class instruction.

Embedded Android? Call me, maybe

Android shows great promise for embedded work, but it's no panacea. Yet.

What Linus Torvalds hath wrought

Linux has become an effective building block for some real-time and deterministic apps. But that is not the reason it is gaining a foothold in embedded systems designs.

Linux Wins - Or Does It?

RTOSes are dying, Linux is in. Or is it?


Multicore networking in Linux user space with no performance overhead

Leverage multi-core network SoCs efficiently for data path processing and overcome the limitations of current software programming models with a Linux-based zero-overhead user space framework.

ARM-based Android hardware-software design using virtual prototypes

In a three part series, Achim Nohl describes using the Synopsys Virtualizer Development Kit (VDK) to do early hardware/software co-development of handset hardware running the Android software platform.

Use virtual prototyping to boot Linux on the ARM Cortex A15

How to boot Linux on the ARM Cortex-A15 using virtual prototyping to build fast, functional software models of a system that can execute production code.

Understanding Android's strengths and weaknesses

Here are techniques for exploiting Android's strengths and managing its limitations, especially in hard real-time, mission-critical systems.


Wind River intros Yocto Project Compatible Carrier Grade Linux

Wind River has introduced the Wind River Linux Carrier Grade (CG) Profile for the latest version of Wind River Linux.

New Mentor Sourcery tools ease Linux-based embedded multicore design

The newest generation of Mentor Graphics' Embedded Sourcery CodeBench and Sourcery Analyzer products accelerates system debugging, including multiple Linux applications concurrently

Electric Cloud accelerates Android device development

Electric Cloud accelerates and manages Android device development.

Wind River's Linux 4 Update Pack 2 adds rich graphics

Wind River Linux 4, Update Pack 2 is the first commercial embedded Linux to provide a fully integrated graphics software stack, from the board to the user interface framework level, for the latest Intel and Texas Instruments processors.

Wind River launches software for rapid dev of Android in-vehicle infotainment systems

Wind River's Solution Accelerator for Android, Automotive helps in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) device manufacturers shorten the development time of high-quality Android-based IVI systems.

6First 1µA Bidirectional CSAs
Touchstone's new 1µA TS1101 low-power
bidirectional, symmetrical current-sense
amplifiers reduce power by 30X over the
competition and eliminate the "dead band" of
other CSAs.
See the new video about using the TS1101 to track
Learn more...


Android, Linux OSes top 2013 survey

Android, Linux, and FreeRTOS are most popular third-party operating systems for embedded systems according to preliminary embedded market survey.

China to build standard OS around Ubuntu

China selects Ubuntu from Canonical as basis for standard operating systems in China.

New Linux 3.7 kernel adds new ARM processor support

Newest version of Linus Torvald's Linux kernel incorporates new features that will speed development on ARM processor variants.

ARM processor IP core for Android apps is royalty-free

Beyond Semiconductor BA25 IP core is royalty-free 32-bit processor and roughly equivalent to an ARM Cortex-A7 or Cortex-A8

Android programs at DESIGN West

ESC Tracks at DESIGN West

Android Certificate Program
Embedding Android Via Accessories
Debugging Techniques for Embedded Android and Linux
Partitioning Your Solution Properly Between Android, Linux, and the World
Fundamentals of Embedded Android

Embedded Android track
Up and Running Quickly with Embedded Vision Using OpenCV on Android
Dramatically Shorten your Entire Android Product Development Lifecycle
Creating an Embedded Device--Linux or Android?
Embedded Android? Not so fast!

TechOnline Library

Tech Papers

Challenges in Using Linux for CPU intensive real time networking products

Choosing the Right Linux Flavors for Your Project

Building Native applications on Android using NDK

Developing Android applications for ARM Cortex-A8 Cores

Webinars & Courses

Breaking the Bottlenecks of Android Software Delivery

Optimizing Linux and Android applications for ARM

Advanced Linux Kernel Configuration using the OpenEmbedded-based Yocto Project

Improve Linux Real-time Behavior with a new Light-weight Threading Model


Around the Network Events

App developers are weak link for Android security

C/C++ programming on Android (VIDEO)

Android for developers (Video tutorials & more)

Testing Android software apps (VIDEO)

Conferences and Events

ESC Silicon Valley at DESIGN West
Registration now open.
Register online for Embedded Systems Conference 2013 up until April 18.  ESC 2013 is part of DESIGN West, being held April 22 to 25, 2013 at the McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA.

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