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March 25, 2013

Tech Focus: Designing for performance

DESIGN West: Performance-optimizing embedded designs

Software performance engineering for embedded systems

Hardware (and software) implications of Endianness in SoC design

Paying attention to software processes to achieve higher quality code


DESIGN West: Performance-optimizing embedded designs

If you attend any or all of the two dozen or so classes on systems design and engineering at the 2013 ESC DESIGN West you'll be well prepared to face the many challenges facing embedded developers.

Evaluating the performance of multi-core processors

Intel's Max Domeika evaluates various processor benchmark suites available and shows how to estimate application performance.

Breathing life into hardware and software codesign

How hardware/software codesign evolved, what went wrong in early attempts, and how the use of transaction-level modeling has led to its revival and use.

Hardware (and software) implications of Endianness in SoC design

What endianness means for designers of hardware IP blocks and device drivers when they work on a complex embedded system-on-chip designs.


Software performance engineering for embedded systems

In the first in a three part series, Robert Oshana defines what is meant by Software Performance Engineering (SPE) and how to use it to evaluate system performance in given applications and remove bottlenecks.

Paying attention to software processes to achieve higher quality code

Software methodologies such as the waterfall method or its mutated cousin, the V-Model will result in high qualiity code if they are backed up with a structured software development process.

Getting disciplined about embedded software development

Jack Ganssle's guide to doing software development in a disciplined way to reduce both errors and the time it takes to complete a project. Part 1: Any idiot can write code.

Using application modeling and mapping for system-level performance analysis

How NXP Semiconductor engineers used the Application Modeling and Mapping methodology (AMM) on commercial tooling from Synopsys to investigate the feasibility of new electronic product designs.


New version of PLS Universal Debug Engine enhances multicore dev

PLS Universal Debug Engine 4.0 features greatly enhanced debug capabilities for multicore targets.

MATLAB, Simulink, and Embedded Coder are now available for STM32 MCUs

A joint project between ST and ARM enables software developers to create algorithms in MATLAB and Simulink and then test those models in a Processor In the Loop (PIL). simulation.

GrammaTech source-code analysis six times faster

CodeSonar 3.8 is significantly faster and more precise than its predecessor, with fewer false positives, making it much easier to analyze projects with millions of lines of code.

New 1µA, 1V Timer ICs
Touchstone's new TS3001/2 timers use only
1µA Icc–15X less than others. Set the
frequency with just 1 resistor (TS3001) or
a resistor and capacitor (TS3002). Featuring
a low 0.044%/°C (TS3002) and ultra low 0.021%/°C
(TS3001) frequency drift. Free samples.
Learn more...


Atollic IDE integrates code metrics, MISRA-C code analysis

TrueStudio IDE includes professional static source code analysis tools and the ability to check for compliance against the MISRA-C:2004 coding standard and code metrics features such as code complexity analysis.

GrammaTech transforms code analysis with visualization

GrammaTech's next-generation software architecture visualization system scales to millions of lines of code

GrammaTech adds more visualization to CodeSonar

New features include a treemap view designed to allow users to easily see the hierarchical structure of the code in an information-dense form.

DESIGN West: Update your multicore software skills

If you think it's time to learn more about what multicore architectures can do for your embedded design and how to get there with the least pain and cost, the place to be is the Spring 2013 DESIGN West.

Designing for Performance--at DESIGN West

ESC Tracks at DESIGN West
Schedule builder -- note: These performance classes are part of other tracks (no separate track exists for performance design)

Using Hardware/Software Co-design Methods for Implementing Efficient Small Cell Femto Solutions
System Engineering in Automotive Design
System Integration and Test Techniques
Principles and Practices of Hardware/Firmware Interface Design
Challenges And Strategies For Synchronizing IO In Embedded Systems
Embedding DSP in FPGAs: Fundamentals to Chips, Tips, and Tricks
Rapid Prototyping is as Easy as Uno, Due, Tres
Designing for Change
Multicore Software Development Practices for Embedded Systems
A Rigorous but Practical Specification Technique for Embedded Systems
Software Performance Engineering

Register online for Embedded Systems Conference 2013 at DESIGN West, being held April 22 to 25, 2013 at the McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA.

TechOnline Library

Tech Papers

Improving Software Engineering for Embedded Systems

Software Performance Engineering of an Embedded DSP System Application

Tool Options: Maximizing Software Performance in Multi-core Processors

Power and Performance Optimizations in High-Performance Multi-Core DSPs

Webinars & Courses

Accelerate innovation through codevelopment of hardware and software

Fundamentals of Virtual Prototypes for Embedded System Development

ESC SV-365- Implementing CMMI, A Case Study


Around the Network Events

Virtual prototype codesign of a mobile phone platform

MPSoC Performance Analysis with Virtual Prototype Platforms

TLM-based virtual prototyping of embedded HW/SW Systems

Conferences and Events

ESC Silicon Valley at DESIGN West
Registration now open.
Register online for Embedded Systems Conference 2013 up until April 18.  ESC 2013 is part of DESIGN West, being held April 22 to 25, 2013 at the McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA.

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