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March 18, 2013

Tech Focus: Multicore programming challenges

Tooling up for multicore software challenges

DESIGN West: Update your multicore software skills

A portable OpenMP runtime library based on MCAPI/MRAPI: Part 1

Will Moore's Law doom multicore?

Editor's Note

Simulation tools - tips, tricks and resources

Simulation tools - tips, tricks and resources


Tooling up for multicore software challenges

Bernard Cole

The solution to getting the power efficiencies and performance needed in complex multicore SoC designs may instead lie on the software side, hopefully without abandoning current sequential methods.

Will Moore's Law doom multicore?

Jack Ganssle

Moore's Law means more transistors per chip, but will those power-sucking semiconductors doom multicore?

Is lock-free programming practical for multicore?

David Kalinsky

In a multicore environment, you can do resource sharing efficiently without locks, but there are some caveats.

A decision-tree approach to picking a multicore software architecture

Rob Oshana, Freescale

Freescale's Robert Oshana walks the embedded software developer through a multicore "decision tree" for selecting software components best suited to the app, such as RTOS, Linux, RT-Linux, or none.


A portable OpenMP runtime library based on MCAPI/MRAPI: Part 1

How the OpenMP standard in combination with the Multicore Communications API and the Multicore Resource API can be used to program multicore embedded systems.

Introduction to the Multicore Programming Practices Guide

An introduction to the Multicore Association (MCA) Multicore Programming Practices (MPP) Guide - best practices for an evolutionary approach to multicore development.

Using Java to deal with multicore programming complexity: Part 1

Atego's Kelvin Nilsen surveys some of the special issues that must be addressed when writing software for multiprocessor hardware and how Java can ease the transition.

ParaSail: Less is more with multicore

Adacore's S. Tucker Taft surveys the impediments developers face in doing effective multicore programming, discusses the problems they create, and illustrates how parallel programming in ParaSail is simplified by doing without them.


New version of PLS Universal Debug Engine enhances multicore dev

PLS Universal Debug Engine 4.0 features greatly enhanced debug capabilities for multicore targets.

New Mentor Sourcery tools ease Linux-based embedded multicore design

The newest generation of Mentor Graphics' Embedded Sourcery CodeBench and Sourcery Analyzer products accelerates system debugging, including multiple Linux applications concurrently

Broadcom uses H.265 for UltraHD TV home gateway chip

Company uses just released H.265 High Efficiency video coder standard in its 21,000 DMIPS chip for big screen home and Internet TV.

Altera/ARM FPGA-adaptive embedded software toolkit

Altera Corporation and ARM have jointly developed a DS-5 embedded software development toolkit with FPGA-adaptive debug capabilities for Altera SoC devices. 


DESIGN West: Update your multicore software skills

If you think it's time to learn more about what multicore architectures can do for your embedded design and how to get there with the least pain and cost, the place to be is the Spring 2013 DESIGN West.

Broadcom samples dual control/data plane net CPUs

The new XLP 200 is the first from Broadcom's new NetLogic group to target control as well as data plane jobs, and the first to use a new security accelerator block.

LSI ARM comm processors offer power-wise base stations

Company's ARM-based Axxia 5500 multicore SoC is for improving multi-radio base station and 4G/LTE-capable wireless performance and power efficiency

ARM, Khronos headline LEAP 2013 conference in May

Conference will showcase the latest advances in the use of parallel computing technology to low-energy mobile CPU/GPU, FPGA and embedded devices.

Multicore classes at DESIGN West

ESC Tracks at DESIGN West
Multicore Classes -- note: multicore classes are part of other tracks (there is no separate multicore track)
Take Full Advantage of Multicore with Multi-OS Architectures
Systems Programming in the Distributed, Multicore World
Multicore Software Development Practices for Embedded Systems.
Multicore Thread to CPU Mapping on Linux and other RTOSes
Software Design for Multicore Systems--2013 Edition/a>
The Many Ways of Programming an ARM Cortex-M MCU

Register online for Embedded Systems Conference 2013 at DESIGN West, being held April 22 to 25, 2013 at the McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA.

TechOnline Library

Tech Papers

Testing Multicore Software

Multicore software development kit

Multiprocessing in Embedded Systems

Multicore Programming Guide

Multiprocessing System Concerns

Webinars & Courses

Hazards of Multi-threaded and Multi-core Software Development

MCAPI: Simplifying Multicore Development

Discover MCAPI 2.0

Multicore Migration: Preserve Legacy while Developing for the Future


Around the Network Events

Building a multicore Cortex M1-based PMDC motor controller

Heterogeneous multi-core platform for consumer multimedia apps

Using Ada 2012 for multicore real-time task scheduling

Real-time multicore/multimode design with Ada 2012

Heap management for limited local memory multi-core processors

Conferences and Events

ESC Silicon Valley at DESIGN West
Registration now open.
Register online for Embedded Systems Conference 2013 up until April 18.  ESC 2013 is part of DESIGN West, being held April 22 to 25, 2013 at the McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA.

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