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March 4, 2013

Tech Focus: Embedded firmware tips and resources

Firmware coding requires constant (re-)education

Firmware developer's essential reading list

Firmware architecture in five easy steps

What a firmware curriculum would look like


Firmware coding requires constant (re-)education

Bernard Cole

For developers who want to keep their C-programming and firmware skills sharp, there are numerous resources available on Embedded.com and at conferences such as the 2013 Spring ESC DESIGN West.

Firmware developer's essential reading list

Jack Ganssle

Plenty of great sources exist for information on firmware design. Here are some of the best.

Firmware basics for the boss

Jack Ganssle

If your boss understands the beast that is firmware development, your team can be more productive. Here's what the boss needs to know.

Firmware forensics: best practices in embedded software source-code discovery

Michael Barr

Remember unintended acceleration? Here's what NASA should have examined in Toyota's software.


Firmware architecture in five easy steps

Here are five essential tips for taking your successful older code and dropping it into new firmware.

Developing a flexible firmware architecture

Firmware modularization is the ticket to low cost and (relatively) painless product development.

A new way to do firmware development on programmable devices

In this Product How-To article Mark Saunders describes a new methodology for doing firmware development for the Cypress' Arm-based Programmable SoCs, using the company's PSoC Creator in combination with Arm's uVision IDE.

Debugging software/firmware using trace function re-usable components

How to use functional trace logging for effective firmware/software debugging of embedded systems under dynamic conditions and how to reduce the need to fix defects or anomalies after-the-fact, using emulators/simulators.


LDRArules programming rule checker assures standards compliance

LDRArules is a programming rule checker that brings together a collection of rules from a broad spectrum of programming standards.

LDRAcover verifies test coverage to meet stringent safety and security levels

LDRAcover is a stand-alone code coverage tool that verifies the source code of an application has been fully structurally tested.

GrammaTech CodeSonar 3.8 does source-code analysis up to six times faster with lower false positive rate

CodeSonar 3.8 is significantly faster and more precise than its predecessor, with fewer false positives, making it much easier to analyze projects with millions of lines of code.


PRQA brings continuous inspection to QA Verify

At Embedded World, the static analysis vendor promoted high-quality code generation through collaborative code inspections in a team-focused workflow environment.

Intel bets on Linux with cross-platform x86 tool suite

Introduced at Embedded World, Intel System Studio allows use of the same tool environment across the entire range of x86 processor variations.

GrammaTech transforms code analysis with visualization

GrammaTech's next-generation software architecture visualization system scales to millions of lines of code

IAR adds ARM compiler optimizations to Embedded Workbench

Version 6.5 of the IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM version 6.50, includes enhancements to the optimization technology in its C/C++ Compiler.

Submitting content to Embedded.com

To submit a how-to article to Embedded.com, contact Bernard Cole, site editor. For more info about submissions, go to Editorial contributions.

TechOnline Library

Tech Papers

Debugging Firmware Based on the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface

Writing to Flash from Firmware

Static Source Code Analysis 8 Steps to Success

System Level Debugging: A Means to Achieve Holistic Debugging

Webinars & Courses

ESC SV-346- Twenty-five Lessons Learned in Hardware/Firmware Interface Design

ESC SV-300- Peer Code Review Doesn't Have to Suck

ESC SV-547- Let Sleeping Chips Lie: Programming for Low Power

Enabling Open Source Firmware Solutions for Intel® Architecture


Around the Network Events

Free MIT online C programming course

C/C++ programming on Android (VIDEO)

Basic C programming

A C-language FAQ reference

Conferences and Events

ESC Silicon Valley at DESIGN West
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Register online for Embedded Systems Conference 2013 up until April 18.  ESC 2013 is part of DESIGN West, being held April 22 to 25, 2013 at the McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA.

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