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This special issue, combined with the release of the latest version of Silicon 60 listings, offers:

Silicon 60 Career Issue
  1. A timely snapshot of what's hot and who are the up-and-comers in the global electronics industry
  2. Available jobs and skills required by some of the Silicon 60 startups
  3. Venture capitalists' view on the startup landscape
  4. Five questions you should ask yourself before joining a startup

Table of Contents

VC Views
• Go soft, young engineer
• Questions to ask before joining a startup

Job Openings
• Altair feverish to hire for hot 4G LTE chip market
• Fresco adding staff as it gears up to go public
• GainSpan looks for a few good RF engineers
• Build an open community with Open Kernel
• Pelican Imaging: Picturing the future of mobile
• Pixel Qi: Looking for more
• Samplify needs engineers, and fast
• SuVolta exits stealth mode
• Tilera preps for its next phase

Case Study
• How a startup found its exit

Silicon 60 Listings
• The listings include each startup's technology/production description, CEO/Founders, investors and contact information.

Digital Only Edition

Available for the first time in PDF format, EE Times' Silicon 60 Career Issue is packaged in a searchable digital edition optimized for viewing on your computer or tablet device.

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